Simple Living and The Amish

They are human and I can’t put them on a pedestal as I had hoped, but I have a lot to learn from them.  Their practices vary but community, but their strong work ethic, importance of community and family, practices of equality, spirit of cooperation instead of competition, and their non-material ideals all appeal to me.

Family and community gatherings and support, efforts towards equality such as same clothes and buggies, minimal focus on material things, together they lead to simpler living.

Will they be able to continue their ways as the world continues to change?  Will we be able to use some of their ways, or are most of them impossible considering today’s circumstances?

I think it’s worth a try.  Board games, shooting baskets,reading, good simple food, nature and conversation for entertainment.  Simple clothes, home decor, toys, etc.  Spending time with others that share  common beliefs/ideals.  Are the things we give up worth it?  I think so.

What simple things do you like that the Amish do?











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