Simple Decorating

Home is where we make plans, accomplish goals, rest, re-energize, spend time with those we love.   So it is important that our home is functional, energizing yet restful.

Creating a vision for our home helps.   Looking at decor sites, magazines, books will help you discover what you want for your rooms.

Then comes decluttering what doesn’t fit with your plans.  And after that putting into place what is required for your ‘new’ home.

Sometimes it requires some rearranging of furniture  and decor items.  Sometimes it requires digging up old pillows and bedding.

For example, because we had to replace our dining room chairs and found a new sofa cover, our home was feeling like a thrown together apartment. I rearranged the bookcases and stereo in the dining room and added a bowl from another room.  Now it matches the rest of the house more.

What simple decorating ideas have worked for you?










De-Cluttering vs Repurposing

Instead of de-cluttering,  we are  keeping certain things we will not use, with the plan of repurposing them.   We are trying to decrease spending, so repurposing what we have makes sense.  Yes, it will take up space and time, but that should be offset by the money we will save.

We have already de-cluttered  large toys and books, so we have some space to keep the clothing/sheets we want to repurpose.  The sewing machine is set up in  corner, ready to go.

Some projects are using an old sheet to mend a broken dust ruffle,sewing rags, kids shorts/pajamas, and stuffed animals from old clothes, and mending clothes.

Are there any items you are repurposing instead of tossing?





Simple Holidays

November can be very busy.  There’s Black Friday, Thanksgiving traditions/crafts, and preparing for Christmas.  Keeping things simple can be very hard.

One way we are keeping it simple is giving nice practical stocking stuffer gifts to siblings and nieces/ nephews.  I think last year it was expensive candy.

We will scan the Black Friday ads, but don’t see us buying much that day, as there are good sales after Black Friday also.  When we do need something we will check out the deal sites first.

We already decorated our Thanksgiving wreath and do not plan on any other activities except for decorating cookies, playing board games,practicing basketball and watching football.  But we will be filling Operation Christmas Child boxes, from things we already have and things we can make/sew.

Christmas decorations will just be the tree, a wreath, and candles.

The kids will most likely receive a book or music and a character t-shirt.  They usually get money from their grandparents and go shopping after Christmas, most likely for smaller Legos and used video games.

We will listen to songs, decorate cookies and play board games for Christmas.  We will go on a Christmas outing with our homeschool group.

What ways are you keeping the holidays simple?






Faith and Simple Living

A simple life of faith is not easy.  We are to find most of our joy because of our faith.  Joy from possessions?  Only if they are used for good.

It has required a lot of thought and growth.  And as a result things become clearer.  New motivators are discovered, such as decluttering to give my kids order and to eventually offer hospitality.

How has faith positively affected your search of simple living?