Simple Christmas Greetings

Are you ready for your simple Christmas?  We are almost ready.  We have been lighting our advent wreath, listening to our more religious carols, and reflecting on and discussing the Christmas Story.

I think our hearts are prepared.  I think they are prepared to serve, celebrate, enjoy and connect with each other and our Savior, all to honor him, all in his name.

Merry Christmas to all!



Not So Simple Gifts

I am learning to give good , within budget gifts and it is not simple.  It requires planning, research and much thought, but is worth it to me.  Somethings you just have to put the time in.

And the time is created when we discard not as important things.  I realize those which are important and which are not as important are different for every one.

What things are you choosing not to  keep simple?



Simple Wardrobe

Like our home, our clothing has an important function also.  It can allows us to feel confident and comfortable doing necessary and important tasks required to reach our goals.

A good basic wardrobe can be created without spending too much money.  Like home decor it helps to have a vision.   Categorizing what you already have is the next step.  Then finding out what looks good on you comes next.  Being creative with what you have helps to save money. Lastly, de-cluttering may be required.

As a homeschooling mom and wife,  this consisted of categorizing items into form fitting versus looser fitting clothing, and v-necks versus crewnecks.  As my current wardrobe was limited and I didn’t want to spend much on new pieces, I found that mixing the types could save me money while still looking nice.  I separated the more professional items from the casual items.   I found good combinations for my nicer, form fitted items and saved them to wear for my husband’s work functions, eating out, and holidays.

My basic daily winter wardrobe consists mostly of 1 form fitting and 2 loose cardigans, two fitted sweaters, v-neck and crew neck tees, 2 form fitting and 2 looser fitting light and medium colored jeans.  A warm hoodie replaces the cardigans or goes over the sweaters for sports events.

The more professional wardrobe mostly consists of two jackets, three fine guage or form fitting cardigans,  one mock turtleneck, one ‘dressier’ crewneck T and one ‘dressier’ scooped neck T, 2 button-down shirts, 2 A-line skirts ,2 pencil skirts and a pair of black pants.

The colors are basically black, with some some brown, red ,plum and pink for the cardigans, jackets and sweaters.  The tees are basically plum, red, tan,navy and black.  The skirts are black and tan, 2 are patterned.

Some of the items are worn and need replacing soon,  but they aren’t sooo bad that it can’t wait. Some of the clothes went into the chores/wear around the house pile.  My next purchase will be v-neck beige tops since I think it seems versatile and will enhance my wardrobe the most.

What has helped you save in creating a simple but good wardrobe?