Simple Ways We Saved

Didn’t buy ankle boots and tees and tops except for a $5 tee at Sam’s.  Instead I mended sweaters and made do with the shoes I already had.  I will need shoes and tees eventually, but will wait for lower prices.

Didn’t buy new phonics and math homeschool workbooks even though though we finished the ones we had.  Instead I borrowed Ordinary Parents Guide to reading from the library and used the Singapore Math 2b books I found that my older son barely used.  We were using Math in Focus 1b, but he seems to be doing fine.  I will have to see what additional topics we need to cover.

Minimized grocery shopping to rice milk, eggs, etc.  Instead we are using up what we already have, even if it means more work or less of our favorite quick foods.

Have been drinking tea we already have instead of coffee, and staying away from sugar, mostly to try to increase my energy.

Reading other blogs and simplifying things has helped greatly in being able to do these things.  Simplifying and mending/taking care of my clothes, books, and food and reading  blogs that made do with what they already had, decreased  our clothing, books and food purchases.  

Reading blogs featuring debt/mortgage payoffs has motivated me more to find ways to do without while still feeling content.  I think that after simplifying a little,  my mind was more clear and I was able to attempt to stay healthy physically and mentally.  I think that better health will help with being creative with resources and being content.

How about you?  What has helped you save?


6 thoughts on “Simple Ways We Saved

  1. We’ve really saved the most by not having extra money to spend. We’ve always lived kind of tight, so when we find we’ve got extra money to play with we try and be very careful about how we spend it. We’ve done whatever we can with hand-me-downs whenever possible. All of our books come from the library or as gifts, with the exception of a book I got at Comic Con when a friend brought me, but that was a special splurge as a birthday gift. Whatever we can borrow or get second hand, we do.

    1. That’s really great to hear that although things are tight, you manage to save. A lot of people would just splurge, use credit, or be down about it. Instead you have a plan of being careful with what you have control over and the discipline to do it.

  2. I don’t really have much money to spend, and am working to pay down debt. I try to cut expenses anywhere I can. When I homeschooled the girls we did things like share books with others, and shop at yard sales. Sometimes, at homeschool 4-H meetings there would be free materials for anyone who needed them, or books we might not have found elsewhere for only a few dollars. We also found out that any store giving discounts to teachers would give discount to homeschool families.

    1. I look forward to reading how you are cutting expenses. These are great ideas for cutting back with homeschool costs. Right now I’m trying to figure out what books will fit us best, since I currently need something easy but fun to teach. Hopefully I will find them at the places you mentioned!

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