A Life Well-Lived

It varies for everyone and it may also vary throughout one’s life.

In the past it has meant enjoying family and friends, traveling, having a good job,  purchasing a house,  serving others,and numerous other things.

But lately my goals have been for security and  that requires sacrifice. For me, gratitude seems the answer to fill that gap.  Gratitude can give me a life well-lived.  Gratitude allows me joy in my family, in the kindness of friends, in a tasty meal, in  a piece of art or music.  They differ for everyone, but they are the little things we easily overlook every day. If we don’t overlook them, take time to enjoy them,anđ are grateful for them, then I think my  life will have been well-lived.

What about you? How are you living life well, while aiming for your goals?


2 thoughts on “A Life Well-Lived

  1. Honestly? Aside from finding, following, reading, and commenting on more blogs this year, and the occasional jump on Twitter, cutting back on social media has been the focus of this year. I’ve cut out Facebook all together. Haven’t even touched the site since Dec 30th. At first I felt disconnected like something was missing. Now, I don’t even notice. It’s been extremely calming. Not to mention, I have a lot more time during the day and don’t feel so rushed. Lol

    1. I think that definitely helps. Sounds so nice that it’s been extremely calming for you. That’s a great focus for the year.

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