Our Homeschool Day and Homeschool Decisions

Our homeschool day consists of the second grader doing Singapore Math 2b most times in the morning and The Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading most times after lunch.  He also does Classical Conversations one morning a week.  We don’t do more with the Classical Conversation topics either.

He is allowed to spend the rest of his day reading books and comics, building and playing with his Legos and looking up educational things on the computer.  He sometimes plays with the keyboard.

The seventh grader is in Challenge A in Classical Conversations and he pretty much does his own thing.  I haven’t even checked on his Saxon Math yet.  He needs me to check his oral Latin Translation and his oral  Catechism answers, so I do that.  I use to help with his writing assignments but he hasn’t asked for help lately.  He reads action books in his free time during the day.

We are also at the gym a couple late mornings a week to practice basketball for exercise, and they have basketball recreational games twice a week after school.   We are in another homeschool group, though we don’t participate much because of time.  Both kids have Sunday School/Youth Group on Sundays.

I know I should do much more with both kids.  There are other things to cover that are important to me.  But I also want to keep things simple at the same time.

It wasn’t always like this.  I used to do more with the now 7th grader, before we did Classical Conversations.  I was really into homeschooling.  The interest/excitement has definitely decreased the last few years. It is time for a major reevaluation, both for homeschooling and for the kind of parent I want to be.

For some reason I don’t feel like I fit the homeschool mold.  I never felt that way before. I question if my 7th grader might enjoy being with his peers daily.  It feels wierd that it is just the three of us most days, though I know there are more pros for us to homeschool.  I’ve never felt or thought this way before.

I’ve been trying to do some research, but haven’t found a vision of how I want things to be or how to address these concerns of mine.   I just need a new perspective and some changes. I am sure solutions will come, if I keep at it.

Have you ever felt like homeschooling wasn’t you?  How did you deal with it?




A Simple Valentine’s Day

Our simple Valentine’s Day celebration consisted of a favorite dinner at home and inexpensive but pretty flowers. We did allow ourselves extra cookies and drinks that we normally try to limit.  We are planning to eat out to celebrate when we aren’t so busy so we can enjoy it more.

The 2nd grader exchanged valentine’s at their Classical Conversatios homeschool class.  We just gave out candy, though I wanted to make a simple heart to go with it.  (He ended up wanting to work on his weekly class presentation more than usual this week, so we spent our time on that instead of the cards.)

We didn’t do crafts or baking even though I wanted to.  We did use the occasion to give my 7th grader a lesson on planning affordable dates  even though he won’t have to think of it for a long time.  I stressed the importance of coming up with things they both would enjoy.

How was your Valentine’s day?


Simple Family Life

In our Classical Conversations’s homeschool group they do family presentations, where they share about their family.

When they do these presentations, I usually think, wow, why aren’t we doing those things.  There are so many activities we could be doing.

Since we’ve always signed up late, we haven’t done any family presentations.  But it has been on my mind.  I have also read of creating a family shield, which also sounds good. In addition to creating unity, taking the time to reflect on your family’s characteristics can lead to appreciation, contentment and gratitude.  It can make it clearer what is missing and what kind of family we want to become.

While I haven’t taken the time to write one up, I have some ideas.

Our family consists of…both kids participating in recreational basketball, a husband that loves watching sports, a mom and a tween that are bookworms,  kids that love video games big time, and also love utube and Netflix,  Star Wars and Disney Parks/Universal Studio fans (mostly), a curious kid that loves Legos , a tween that enjoys technology and big words, kids that enjoy riddles,comics, and beating me badly in basketball.

We all enjoy eating out inexpensively or cooking on  the weekends, though our taste in food varies. We enjoy seeing our out of state families and friends once a year, and we have enjoyed science museums on our past trips.  Although my  husband enjoys rock concerts, we haven’t because of the kids.

Pretty boring and basic, I know.  But that’s who we are.  We could do more, do different things, but would it be better for us? Some of it would, some of it wouldn’t.  I would really like more time on good literature with the 2nd grader.  I would like the 7th grader to spend more time on being creative.  The 2nd grader might enjoy theater and piano lessons, but he doesn’t want to give up basketball and I don’t want him to be that busy.

I would like exposing them to different activities and interests but they are not interested, though some of the activities are beyond my husband’s and my knowledge (like hunting). Some of them we don’t do because we have allergies.  And some of them, like computer camps, do not seem worth the expense with our budget, so we will have to get creative with that.

Have you reflected on your family’s activities and characteristics?  Have you found doing it helpful in planning and increasing contentment and gratitude?



Ways We Saved

These past few weeks I..

Read parts of finance ebooks from the library.

Worked a little on taxes, bills and paperwork.

Decluttered some books and organized toys.

Only bought $6 youth shorts (Sam’s Club) and didn’t buy any other clothes or homeschool books, just used what we had.

Packed snacks instead of using the vending machines.

Added sides and variety to dinner to decrease eating out more.

Researched simplified homeschooling online.

Some joys were…

Eating simple comfort foods like soups, muffins and hot tea.

Appreciating my family’s presence and their company.

Enjoyed the company of the moms at our homeschool group.

It helped to to eat better, sleep more and stop to enjoy nature from our backyard.  Reading some blogs on frugal living helped inspire me, along with the finance books.   I organized toys and decluttered books so I could have some order and not feel so weighed down.

Having some routine, reviewing the day, and asking myself if this is how I want to be, helped.  And stopping the negative thoughts and replacing them with  “it’s not so bad” or gratitude helped.  Once we say no to things, gratitude comes easier.  And if it’s his will, I think asking God for help, helps a lot.

How are you doing with your saving? What simple joys have left you feeling satisfied?