Our Homeschool Day and Homeschool Decisions

Our homeschool day consists of the second grader doing Singapore Math 2b most times in the morning and The Ordinary Parents Guide to Reading most times after lunch.  He also does Classical Conversations one morning a week.  We don’t do more with the Classical Conversation topics either.

He is allowed to spend the rest of his day reading books and comics, building and playing with his Legos and looking up educational things on the computer.  He sometimes plays with the keyboard.

The seventh grader is in Challenge A in Classical Conversations and he pretty much does his own thing.  I haven’t even checked on his Saxon Math yet.  He needs me to check his oral Latin Translation and his oral  Catechism answers, so I do that.  I use to help with his writing assignments but he hasn’t asked for help lately.  He reads action books in his free time during the day.

We are also at the gym a couple late mornings a week to practice basketball for exercise, and they have basketball recreational games twice a week after school.   We are in another homeschool group, though we don’t participate much because of time.  Both kids have Sunday School/Youth Group on Sundays.

I know I should do much more with both kids.  There are other things to cover that are important to me.  But I also want to keep things simple at the same time.

It wasn’t always like this.  I used to do more with the now 7th grader, before we did Classical Conversations.  I was really into homeschooling.  The interest/excitement has definitely decreased the last few years. It is time for a major reevaluation, both for homeschooling and for the kind of parent I want to be.

For some reason I don’t feel like I fit the homeschool mold.  I never felt that way before. I question if my 7th grader might enjoy being with his peers daily.  It feels wierd that it is just the three of us most days, though I know there are more pros for us to homeschool.  I’ve never felt or thought this way before.

I’ve been trying to do some research, but haven’t found a vision of how I want things to be or how to address these concerns of mine.   I just need a new perspective and some changes. I am sure solutions will come, if I keep at it.

Have you ever felt like homeschooling wasn’t you?  How did you deal with it?




4 thoughts on “Our Homeschool Day and Homeschool Decisions

  1. Your feelings are so valid! To answer your question, YES! I have felt at some point that homeschool wasn’t for me. I’ve learned to be aware that feelings are just that…FEELINGS! That means they come and go with the wind depending on what season I’m experiencing in my life. Therefore, I try not to act on them. Instead, I ask myself why I’m feeling this way (the root of the problem) and if I’ve done everything in my power to address said root. I remember the day I seriously considered enrolling my eldest son in public school. A series of feelings of inadequacy, impatience, and exhaustion led me to this point. I had to stop and really ask myself why I felt the way that I did. Why did I feel inadequate? Why did I feel impatient? Why was I exhausted? In short, comparison, lack of self-care, and refusing to ask my spouse for help led me to this breaking point. Once I addressed these issues, things began running smoothly again. Thank you for being so transparent about your journey. We homeschool moms need more of this honesty!

    1. So good to hear your story. I’ve heard of burnout, but this felt so drastic and beyond burnout. I’m glad you were able to figure out what was causing it and address the issues. I love how you recognized they were just feelings! I finally stopped searching since it wasn’t getting me anywhere, and just prayed. I gained some energy concerning homeschooling and possibilities started coming. I really should learn to stop when I get to the point when nothing’s working, and just pray. Along with other issues, I think what I need are more activities outside of the home, more easy to use but fun curriculum and better time management. The pros of homeschooling are more than the cons so far. I just have to find a way to make it work for me. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I tried it and it wasn’t for me. Though I did want it to be! But you’ve already made it way further than I did. My kids are happy being back at school, but you know what? I miss them so much! If you are good at it, and they are happy and doing well, that’s awesome. Sometimes we all hit a slump and have to re-examine. You sound like an professional home school mom to me, and I’m sure you’ll decide what’s best just fine.

    1. I can see now how it’s not for everyone. Still, it’s always worth reconsidering. I know I would miss my kids so much also. I’m sure you enjoy and appreciate the time you do have with them even more. I definitely hit a slump. I hear it can last indefinitely, but thankfully I feel some energy for it has come back. I’m definitely not a professional homeschool mom. So many other moms have amazed me. That’s ok though! We all do what’s best for our families, as I know you are doing! Thanks for the encouragement.

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