Contentment and Knowing Yourself

We spent the last few weeks dealing with allergic reactions, so we are behind.

I did manage to continue searching for the things I really enjoy.  It’s been a long process, going from what I think I would really enjoy, to realizing they were just things that most people  really enjoy.  Sightseeing etc. sounds nice, but I wouldn’t give up other things for it.

I have found I get enjoyment from clothes.  It really cheers me up wearing clothes I like. I think next I enjoy learning most of my kid’s school subjects.

It  cheers me up to decorate my home, enjoy my backyard view, and take my time to do things most people would rush through.

Everyone is different.  It’s so important to find out what you thrive on and to spend your time and money on those things.

I think it’s okay to enjoy these things as long as they don’t interfere with living out our faith.  God created each of us with different interests.

How have you found what you thrive on?  What are the main things that you really enjoy and that cheer you up?





I have been needing to de-stress/re-energize lately.  So instead of overeating or continuing to struggle to get things done,  I will …

Tidy up, I always feel better after I do this.

Slow down, physically and mentally.  Give yourself some time.

Put on comfortable clothes.

Review the past week to remember the fun things.

Check my calendar, where I should have scheduled de-stress/refresh activities scheduled every few weeks.  I might have an activity to look forward to in a few days.

Plan the next scheduled fun activity.

Review goals and plans.

Read travel blogs or travel posts I’ve saved on Pinterest to explore different places that interest me.

Read motivation posts I’ve saved on Pinterest.

Learn to play on the keyboard.

Read a fun book or a book on an artists or composer I’ve always wanted to read about.

Learn to draw.

Look out my backyard.


Drink some tea.

What activities help you de-stress or re-energize?