Basketball, Again…

Spring recreational basketball season has ended.   Both their teams didn’t place and get trophies.  It was such a learning experience.  In error, we expected too much from them, their coaches and their teams.  It’s easy to overlook reality when you’re they’ve been on winning teams in general.    They both chose basketball and it was a recreational group.  With a lot of persistence, we should have been fine, right?

Except non- recreational level kids were allowed and half the coaches and parents really emphasized winning and took it very seriously.  So we had to relearn and then  teach our kids that winning wasn’t everything.  We had to face the fact that even in a recreational group and with much effort, our kids were not excelling.  (They came a long way and improved a lot, but they were not excelling.)

But it’s  recreational, right?  So they will continue with it, despite everything.  But we definitely have different expectations.  We should be fine, right?

The purpose of basketball or any other activitiy was for them to find something they were passionate about and could excel in.  Instead we are settling for a few activities they choose that they are willing to put reasonable effort into but do not excel in.  (Currently the other activity is drawing.)

It wasn’t easy for them to find activities to spend their time and efforts on,  but withdrawing video game and tv time helped.

Have you had kids who liked an activity but didn’t  excel in it.  Have you had to deal with kids who are not interested in anything but “passive” activities? What has worked for you?


One thought on “Basketball, Again…

  1. Yes. We have 4 boys, and it’s a journey with all their different activities. Ive had to watch them be the worst player on the team, and I’ve gotten to watch them grow and excel. It’s all character building when treated like good fun, because really that’s all that it is. I can totally relate to this post.

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